1, How we select claims to check: “Ethiopia Check mostly selects claims based on the viral, sensitiveness and impact that they could have on the society. This way, important claims are taken in while others with less importance are left out. In addition, the desk makes sure that all sides to a story are included by constantly monitoring information and also reaching out to all stakeholders.” 2. Corrections and compliance policy: “Please contact us if you think we have made a mistake in our fact-checking work and we will assess it at our earliest convenience. You can send your feedback, complaints or corrections to: [email protected] or send us an SMS using +252974058699. If mistaken were made, Ethiopia Check will issue another separate story with a headline “Correction” and if finds it appropriate to provide further details to clear up issues, it will add an “Update” to the existing story. The desk will make every effort to check correction, complaints and feedbacks on a timely manner.”

Professional Bio’s

Elias Meseret
Elias Meseret founded Ethiopia Check in June 2020, which later joined Internews' Ethiopia projects. He is one of the four Trustees of the fact-checking desk and also serves as a desk Editor. Elias has worked with various international media outlets since 2013, including The Associated Press and DPA. He was awarded the 2019 Tana Award for his journalism and fact-checking efforts. From mid-2020 to end of 2021, Elias was a host to "Liyu Mereja," radio program on Ethio FM Station that focused on mis/disinformation. He was also President of the Ethiopian Mass Media Professionals Association from 2020 to 2021.
Tsion Molla
Program Manager
Tsion Molla joined Ethiopia Check as a Project Manager in December 2022. She has few years of enthusiastic experience leading media development projects. As a Program Manager; she currently develops projects, monitors their implementation, and handles donor relations.
Addisu Frew
Addisu joined Ethiopia Check in 2020, and works as a fact-checking analyst. He is one of the four Trustees of the fact-checking desk. He has a background in digital journalism with experience in both industry and academia.
Habtamu Tibebu
Trustee and Afaan-oromoo fact-checker
Habtamu Tibebu is a storyteller and fact checker. He joined Ethiopia Check as freelance fact checker in 2021. He has also worked with different media outlets as a journalist and has produced a number of stories both for radio and online. He has experience in fact checking and providing fact checking and verification training.